IMOOX website builder features


Website builder is a universal intelligent tool for creating web resources of any type and style.

On the basis of the IMOOX platform, laconic one-page sites, attractive online stores and catalogs, and extended corporate sites are quickly and efficiently created.

The company offers an innovative module-system for integrated design and comfortable management of network resources of various volumes and topics.

What sites are created in the website builder

Website builder is a multifunctional platform that allows you to create any type of web resources and implement unique design solutions in order to more effectively promote an Internet portal on the Web, attracting more customers.

Landing Page

Specificity and performance

A landing page is an effective way to make yourself known on the web. It can be built using the modular system from IMOOX. The platform has built-in unlimited possibilities for editing and managing content, split testing, monitoring transitions, as well as integrating the site into a common database.

Business card

Informativeness and compactness

A business card site is a short presentation of a business on the Internet. Based on the multifunctional toolkit of the IMOOX online service, you can create a colorful, informative business card with an adaptive design for free without downloading additional software to your PC.

Corporate website

Perfect image

Multifunctional, built-in linking, a rich selection of templates and full automation of the module will allow you to design a complex corporate structure.

Catalog site

Comprehensive review

A web resource that includes a cataloged list of items is an effective tool for attracting customers. The IMOOX platform will allow you to create a catalog site, making adjustments to its structure and design without reference to the device and location.


Aesthetics and creativity

An information portal is a symbiosis of news, blogs, polls and other useful content. An intuitive constructor will provide an opportunity for smart management of a multi-level site and use the author's developments of designers from IMOOX.

Online store

Status and profit

Shopping sites are the perfect sales tool. Creation of an online store based on the IMOOX constructor does not require special knowledge. The advantages of the module are automatic sorting of categories according to various criteria (popularity, prices, etc.), algorithms for the selection of similar positions and filtering of goods, which helps to obtain maximum revenue.

How a website builder can help your business

The website builder from IMOOX contains a highly efficient algorithm for creating multifunctional web resources. The module is part of the global automated system for business development and management, offering the client the following benefits:

High speed of work

Within the framework of the constructor, optimized websites are created that are distinguished by their speed, which allows you to save on promotion and avoid losses due to low Internet speed.

Save time

Depending on the type of site, it takes from one to several hours to create it, which can significantly reduce time losses.

Project personalization

The designer has the technical ability to create unique projects without the involvement of qualified web designers and programmers, bypassing template solutions.

Why you should use IMOOX website builder

The IMOOX company, in addition to using a convenient website builder, offers professional copywriting services, the formation of a presentable design, the development of author's projects. In general, working with a designer provides the client with many benefits:

  • Intuitive simplicity. Effective interaction with the UBS website builder is available to any user without experience in programming and creating web resources.
  • An intelligent assistant. The IMOOX website builder is multifunctional: it performs the work of a designer, programmer, search engine, performs statistical monitoring and analyzes the degree of content efficiency.
  • Customer support. IMOOX employees will provide consulting services, free support related to the functioning of the constructor, and ensure the customer's participation in training programs.







How much does it cost to use a website builder?

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Frequently asked questions

To begin with, you need to register a personal account in the IMOOX modular system. After that, you should decide on the type of site and the desired design. It is possible to generate a ready-made style solution, according to the requirements of the client, or to choose the appearance of the site in the classic editor. On the basis of the designer built a gallery of blocks, templates, images, etc., which can be combined at your own discretion. Online access allows you to edit and complement a web resource from anywhere in the world using different devices.
The IMOOX module system is advisable to use for all types of sites, but the most in demand is a constructor for creating online stores and boutiques, landing pages (landing pages), business card sites, cataloged resources. Also, using a modular system, it is possible to create portals with a unique design without resorting to ready-made templates - a multifunctional graphic editor and a library of various blocks are integrated into the structure of the constructor, harmoniously lining up into the overall style solution of the web resource and corresponding to the required topic.
Since navigating and interacting with the builder is intuitive, creating the web environment you want is easy and fast. At the same time, you can form an exclusive design and structure of the portal by contacting the professionals of the IMOOX company or using a staff editor. But the most effective work of the module will be within the framework of a single integrated site management system (ERP + CRM). This platform covers all aspects of business activities, automatically coordinating it using a unique modular smart technology: the system will provide regular mailing of relevant information, provide managers with brief information about customers, remind about promotions that need to be placed on the site pages, etc. Thus, business demand will increase, and profits will increase.

How to contact us

To start using the website builder, write, call or fill out the feedback form. Be sure to visit the IMOOX pages on social networks - there we talk about our work and clearly demonstrate how a competently and effectively configured website builder works.

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